STEM teaching tactics for sustainability!

STEM Tactics supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Hi! I'm Amanda Kramer, but you can call me Mandie :). I'm a middle school science teacher and SDG Ambassador on a mission to support educators on their journey to innovate their learning environment with project-based STEM tactics that work towards making the world a better place!

Join our network of teachers who are making an impact in the world of education!

It is easy to get overwhelmed with groups on Facebook, so I've created a more focused, organized, and user-friendly community on Mighty Networks. I strive for the community to be one of the best sources of professional development for you as an educator, and it's free!

-Founder of STEM Tactics, Mandie

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Spark the curiosity of anything and everything! The sky is NOT the limit!

Opportunities to apply problem-solving skills in combination with the innovations of today and tomorrow!

Think, plan, design, build! Applying scientific knowledge to solve the world's problems in a hands-on way!

Numbers, quantities, shapes and the relationships between them. The critically important  glue that holds everything together!


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