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"Service As Action"

Time-Saving Solutions for
Busy Educators & IB Coordinators

This guide will provide you with the strategies and tools to help you integrate PBL for social impact in your curriculum and meet the service as action requirements for IB Certification.


What is
Service as Action?

Service as action is a project-based learning requirement within IB Certification that provides opportunities for students to explore, design, implement, and reflect on their efforts to positively impact their local environment.

Even though this is an excellent initiative, it is easier said than done to implement... keep scrolling to hear what others have to say.



"I've done a lot of personal projects, but I can't say any of them were particularly focused on service as action..."

-MYP Teacher

"In some schools, multiple staff indicated that they had yet to embed service as action into the classroom because they have not figured out  how to do it."

- MYP Evaluators

"Service as action is something that we had flagged in our evaluation... it's not embedded in the curriculum"

-MYP Administrator

Innovative Solutions

Services To Meet Your Needs

We offer a variety of differentiated support to meet your needs for organized project-based learning for social impact!


In-Person Workshops

Do you want to bring in gamified workshops to immediately engage your school with social impact? The opportunities are endless.

Get a quote below.

Team Meeting

Custom Support

Are you looking for 1-1 or small group coaching services to help your school overcome your hurdles for your specific situation?

Schedule a free consult below.


Yes, that's a bold statement, but we have full confidence in that it will be for your staff. Gamification and agency are INTEGRAL aspects of engaging and impactful professional development that are RARELY implemented effectively, until now.

You need to get your teachers excited and engaged with the Service as Action initiatives. No worries though, we have the EVERYTHING you need, and can do it FOR YOU.


Meet the Certified IB Educator
Amanda (Mandie) Kramer

Hi! I'm Amanda Kramer, but you can call me Mandie :).

I'm an instructional designer, science educator, and SDGs Ambassador on a mission to support educators on their journey to immerse their learners in a world of discovery with project-based learning methods.

Most of my career as an educator has involved innovating lessons with design thinking and making the world a better place!

Teach SDGs.png

Keeping Kids as the Center Focus

"In order to make a true exponential impact towards a better world, support for parents and educators is essential as they are at the forefront of enlightening younger generations of the possibilities they have in the future.

Therefore, a true investment must be made to ensure all parents and educators are provided support, resources, and encouragement throughout this journey."   


-Amanda Kramer, founder of STEM Tactics

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