STEM Tactics for Social Impact

STEM Tactics was created to inspire educators to integrate explorative project-based learning through the lens of sustainability. We stand out from other STEM resources because we embrace gamification and connect our lessons to social impact using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  We also provide the training and support teachers need to feel a whole new level of confidence in the classroom!

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The Founder:

Amanda Kramer

Hello! My name is Amanda Kramer, but my better-known nickname is Mandie. I'm a Michigan IB certified educator K-8 with endorsements in science, English, and geography. I have a love for the outdoors and I call myself a teaching nomad. For over 10 years I continue to jump from grade to grade and country to country, but most of my career lies in the heart of middle school science. I've always had a passion to make an exponential impact in the world of education which led me on an adventure that led to tremendous professional growth. I have so much to share and STEM Tactics is that bridge from my learnings to yours!

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"I believe, in order to make a true exponential impact towards a better world, teachers are key.  They are at the forefront of enlightening future generations of the possibilities they have when they become citizens. Therefore, a true investment must be made to ensure all educators are provided support, resources, and encouragement throughout this journey."   


-Amanda Kramer, founder of STEM Tactics