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Go from confused to confident in the
Trailblazing Science Society

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Program Support and Networking Workshops for Parents

Save yourself time and stress with an organized and streamlined program!

  • Never again do a science lesson without knowing the point of it!

  • Receive professional support and guidance from a certified educator.

  • Understand the behind the WHY behind the science activities.

  • Support your struggling child with proven teaching strategies.

  • Networking and connection with other homeschool parents around the country.

Engaging Hands-On Science Activities

Never again doubt if you're covering age-appropriate material for your middle school child.

  • All activities are 100% secular and aligned to the nationally recognized Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

  • Be assured you are setting a strong foundation for your child when they enter into high school.

  • All activities are differentiated for ages 10-14

  • Immerse your child in Nature and Real-World Application

  • Hands-On STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities that push your child to be creative and think critically.

  • Social Impact integration to develop soft skills, social-emotional learning, and global citizenship.

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Monthly Q&A Expert Sessions for Your Child

Give your kids the opportunity for exciting conversations with field experts!

  • What is it like to be a marine biologist? An electrical engineer? Ask away!

  • Your child gets to attend live on Zoom to ask an expert their burning questions.

  • A variety of different STEM-based careers will be highlighted throughout the year.

  • All calls are recorded, so if your child misses it, they can still enjoy the experience.

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Meet the Certified Educator
Amanda (Mandie) Kramer

Hi! I'm Amanda Kramer, but you can call me Mandie :).

I'm an instructional designer, science educator, and SDGs Ambassador on a mission to support parents and educators on their journey to immerse their child in a world of discovery with project-based learning methods.

Most of my career as an educator has involved innovating lessons with design thinking and making the world a better place!

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Keeping Kids as the Center Focus

"In order to make a true exponential impact towards a better world, support for parents and educators is essential as they are at the forefront of enlightening younger generations of the possibilities they have in the future.

Therefore, a true investment must be made to ensure all parents and educators are provided support, resources, and encouragement throughout this journey."   


-Amanda Kramer, founder of STEM Tactics