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Excite and Engage Your Team in Social Impact Initiatives!


Learn how to create and run unforgettable and motivating learning experiences that BOOSTS engagement, creativity, and productivity centered around social impact and sustainability!

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Gamification + Agency

These are two INTEGRAL aspects of engaging and impactful professional development. Register for the next session and to learn how to apply it to your next team training or professional development workshop.

Meet Mandie

Educator & Instructional Design Strategist

I help forward-thinking schools and companies introduce, engage, and empower their teams to make the world a better, more sustainable place. With my 16 years working in education and a Master's degree in Instructional Design, and a TEACH SDGs Ambassador since 2016,  I truly understand how people learn and what you need to do to create programs that integrate sustainability, are user-friendly, engaging, and most importantly, effective. Join the innovation movement and do so with the support, tools, and experience from MLX Design.

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