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Gamified Professional Development


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The Possibilities are endless with Save Terra!

Play the video for an introduction to the game!

Gamification + Social Impact =
An Impactful and Memorable
Team-Building Experience

Our workshops are THE BEST way to positively engage ANYONE with sustainability and motivate to take meaningful and measurable action!


Part 1: Introduction to the UN Global Goals

All participants will be introduced to the UN Global Goals and have the opportunity to recall any prior experiences regarding the SDGs. This sets a common baseline for everyone to start with confidence and curiosity.

Part 2: Engage, Discuss, and Play!

Participants will be teamed up in groups of 5-6 to collaborate, learn about the UN Global Goals, clarify misconceptions of our world today, and discuss sustainable life choices, all through our engaging gamification approach... Save Terra!

Part 3: Reflect and Take Action

Participants learn how to apply our A.C.T.I.O.N. Method to exploring sustainability through the lens of their own life and job responsibilities. It opens the doors to creativity and critical thinking skills to implement service as action or project-based learning for social impact.


All workshops can be easily differentiated to fit your needs.

A Much-Needed Experience for Educators

- Is your staff looking for teaching strategies to help with classroom management and student engagement?

- Does your school need to connect more with their community or do more social impact/purpose driven projects?

- Are you in an IB school?

- Do educators in your community need a positive boost in their workday?

STEM Tactics provides inspiring and innovative professional development workshops by combining gamification and UN Global Goals to help educators feel comfortable and confident to integrate project-based learning (PBL) to help inspire and motivate young generations to take action for a better future.

Learn tips and tricks on how to facilitate the UN Global Goals in your own learning environment and dive into the A.C.T.I.O.N. method! This approach to exploring sustainability opens the door of opportunity for your students to apply their creativity and critical thinking skills. 

By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with a package of innovative, well-structured resources that you can apply to your classroom immediately, and the confidence to do so!

No prior knowledge needed!

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Also Excellent for Middle School, High School, or College Students!

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