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What are the SDG goals? What are the 17 UN Global Goals? They are the same thing!


SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals and are an extremely important initiative agreed upon by the United Nations. They are 17 stepping stones for a future that is focused on sustainability for the sake of our planet, as well as better living opportunities for all.


This Virtual Classroom can be used on multiple devices, either at home, at school, or through distance learning. Students click on the Global Goals and they are taken to a slide where there are many links that not only explain the UN Global Goals, but include engaging activities, comics, videos, and more! This is a great sustainability lesson plan/activity to help engage your students for a brighter future!


*NOTE* All the videos and songs are linked to YouTube, so if your school blocks that website, you may find it difficult to watch those links, however, this resource has many more activities that are not affiliated with YouTube.


All links and embedded videos are editable to meet your needs and directions on how to do that are included in the PDF file labeled (Start Here) in the product download!


You will get a PowerPoint version of the classroom and also a link to a Google Slides version of the classroom with your license.


You can find more STEM tactics for sustainability and the UN Global Goals (SDGs) on my website and follow us on instagram @stemtactics!

UN Global Goals (SDGs) Virtual Classroom

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is a zip file that includes directions and teaching tips (PDF), a PowerPoint version of the virtual classroom and a link to a Google Slides version of the presentation (located in the PDF and the PowerPoint). Both the PowerPoint and Google Slides versions are editable (just make a copy of the Google Slides, and you're all set to edit).

  • There are no refunds for this product, however, any technical difficulties or quesitons can be sent to

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